Overheard at the adidas Manchester Marathon 2023…

You do overhear the funniest things at a marathon… especially taken out of context! We loved hearing all of your praise for our event as the endorphins soared in high over the finish line. We also enjoyed a bit of classic British irony (and you guys sure know how to make an understatement!)

So here is what we overheard at the adidas Manchester Marathon 2023 that made us smile:

Note: read in a Mancunian accent for the full effect!

“Bangin music, bangin vibes” 😆

“I still have my nipples so it’s all good”. 😳

“Will you marry me?” 💍

“It’s just 8 parkruns… easy!”

“Yeah, just limbering up for the day me” 😂

“I love you Manny!!” 🐝

“I’m just dying for a brew now if I’m honest…”

“We don’t talk about mile 18.” ❌

“Sweeeeeet Caroline… BA BA BAAA!”🎵

“Buzzing. I’m still absolutely buzzing”. 🤩

You’re welcome everyone!