Oliver Allsopp

At age 16, Oliver is training hard with the England U19 Lacrosse training squad, where he has attended a residential training camp and has taken part in a tournament.

He has also recently represented Lancashire in a game against Cheshire where he received the Man of the Match Award.

Since turning 16, Oliver was able to play Senior Lacrosse. He played two second team games and was then called up to the first team.  “This was really challenging for a 16 year old,” his parent’s comment, “but he’s really ‘finding his feet’. So much so, he’s actually now playing with his big brother, Will, who is 22. As you can imagine, we’re all really proud!”

Oliver balances his time between homework, revision and training where he trains with the U16s and U19s local team, in addition to playing with the English Knights. He is focusing more on training with the U19’s team to help balance his time with school work. Since receiving the Trafford Athlete Fund, Oliver has a greater focus on gym work, helping to improve his strength and conditioning training which ultimately contribute to his overall stamina and strength in Lacrosse.

The Trafford Athlete Fund is also helping to cover the cost of the next England residential. The England squad are also taking a team to the Euro U20 Championships in Prague at the end of June this year where Oliver has the chance of becoming part of this team also.  The English Knights team will be travelling to the US in the summer.

We wish Oliver all the best with his training and hope to see him on the field playing with England.