Dee’s Pre and Post Running Routine

Although I love running, I find myself worrying and stressing a lot prior to my runs be it a fast, slow, long, short, hills or interval session. I just do not know why. I guess it is because I’m always keen to have a perfect run, that’s if there’s any such thing as a perfect run.

Having a pre and post run routine however helps to alleviate some of my worries and forms a great part of my running experience.

So, what does this entail?

My pre-running routine starts the night before my scheduled run (yep that early!). I’m a morning person so most of my runs tend to be in the mornings.

Yoga 🧘: I try to at least get a yoga session in the night before just to allow any tightened muscles to relax, loosen up stiff joints and get some stretches in.  I am of the believe that this will help reduce any risk of injuries when I am out running.

Hydration 💧: I must confess, i’m not a lover of water. I’m sure you are wondering how I get myself hydrated then?

Having the awareness that I would lose lots of fluids during my runs via sweating and knowing this needs to be replaced to avoid dehydration pushes me to drink at least on days that I know I have a run the following day. I’ve got myself a fancy one and a half litre water bottle with a straw. Sipping the water via the straw doesn’t make it feel as bad and I actually manage to get through two of those most days! Happy days!

I’ve promised myself to work hard at drinking more water consistently.

Prepping my clothes 🎽: This may sound weird but I lay my clothes and any running gear needed (regardless of what distance I’m running) the night before. I tend to slack especially on days when the motivation is low so having my gear all set up helps. My watch is always put on charge the night before and I lay my gear at the end of my bed so I can just change once up…..haha. I do love to look good for my runs even though that doesn’t last too long once the hard work starts.

Alarm ⏰: I am a morning runner so I always get my runs in prior to work! I usually set 3 alarms…….with 10 minute intervals. I never wake up to the first and second but always to the third . I don’t why I just don’t set one at the time of the third alarm… just doesn’t make sense right? But hey that’s just me.

Last but not least is a Banana 🍌! As my runs are very early I’m not able to have breakfast before running so I grab a banana and then out the door I go.


Can you relate to Dee’s routine? She is part of the Manchester Marathon Jog Division. You can find out more on Dee’s profile.