We are Human Race -  one of the UK’s leading mass participation event organisers, putting on major events in Running, Cycling and Triathlon around the country.

We bring together an active and diverse community of people each taking part for their own individual reasons. Our participants vary from nervous first timers through to World Champions, and we are proud that across our events participants raise millions of pounds for charities every year.

As the organisers of the adidas Manchester Marathon and its sister event, the Manchester Half, we are constantly striving to improve the sustainability of our events, continuing to work closely with stakeholders and councils in Greater Manchester, along with all our suppliers, to reduce the impact on the environment. Our overall approach for 2022 is to reduce, re-use and recycle wherever possible.

For this event we work closely with stakeholders and councils in Greater Manchester, along with all our suppliers, to reduce the impact on the environment. We have made a conscious decision to not make changes for PR reasons, or to appear disingenuous on the subject. We realise there are many different areas and aspects to be worked on and improved over time, and endeavour to do so, and be open and transparent about our progress.


Our goals on sustainability fit into our overall CARE policy within the work we are doing on the environment.

Within the environment pillar we commit to ensure our company and events are run as sustainably as possible to minimise our impact on our planet.


We are busy looking thoroughly at all areas of the event to find ways to reduce our impact. Below is an overview of each of the areas, and how we are progressing on our sustainability journey, which will be continually updated as we go on the run up to the event

Recycling and Reducing Waste

  • Working with the relevant stakeholders & councils, the waste from the event will be recycled where possible.
  • We have put in place more infrastructure than ever before in order to enable recycling in all key areas. For example, we have quadrupled the number of bins available at the finish line for runners to recycle their water cans.
  • We will be separating waste at our Event Village to ensure we are recycling as many items as possible.

Water Stations

  • Only clean water bottles can be recycled. Those thrown into hedgerows, gardens and trees cannot be!
  • Please look out for the drop zone and target bins just after the water stations. Whilst there are no prizes for the distance you can throw your water bottle, by aiming it at the target bins, you will be helping us to recycle and run a litter free race. This also helps our local residents as it means we can get the roads cleaned up and reopened swiftly.

Event Packs & Pre-Event Communication

  • Our extensive event and supporters guides are 100% digital and sent to participants via email, removing the need for any printing.
  • Participants register exclusively online, and all further event updates are sent via email and/or are posted on social media.
  • Essential physical items such as running bibs are posted out in a recyclable paper envelope.
  • Your personalised run number included is made from firstron material which is recyclable, however the timing chip attached is currently not, so this will need to be removed before recycling the rest.
  • Our welcome letter is now made from recyclable material.

Finish Line Items & Gifts

  • Since 2022 we have been rolling out our Green Runner initiative. When entering the adidas Manchester Marathon, runners had the option to enter as a Green Runner, a new eco-friendly option where you can forego your finisher t-shirt and/or medal (we have two different Green Runner options) in favour of donating the relevant amount saved to support City of Trees.
  • Medals are ordered early to ensure they can be delivered by sea rather than air freight. They are designed to be kept as a memento by participants. Any remaining medals after the event are recycled.
  • No leaflets or paper will be given out at the event.
  • Our Finisher T-Shirts are eco-friendly, and are manufactured using 50% recycled polyester. Any remaining t-shirts after the event are donated to charity.
  • All leftover/unclaimed medals will be recycled by an external company.

Donate your start line clothing to raise money for our Official Charities!

We know how important it is to keep warm while you wait for the race to start but we hate to see your no longer needed start line clothing go to waste! We are on a mission to keep your pre-loved clothes out of the bin and have teamed up with our Official Charities; British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK and The Christie who are able to turn these clothes into much needed funds to support their amazing work. Items in good condition will be donated to our charity partners to be used in their shops further supporting them.

How can I help?

  • Look out for the signed clothing donation area on your way to the start line. There will be ‘jumper drop’ options available from British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK and The Christie.
  • Drop any pre-loved clothing in this area. Keep hold of your clothing until you see the specified wheelie bins.
  • We have a team of volunteers to collect any clothing left by the start line, but it will help them tremendously if we can keep the clothing clean and place in the wheelie bins near the start area.
  • Look out for the signed clothing donation area on your way to the start line. For adidas Manchester Marathon runners, there will be ‘jumper drop’ options available from British Heart Foundation, Sense and Cancer Research UK.