When it comes to marathon training, there is a lot of lengthy advice out there telling you how and how not to train. That's why we are delighted to present Marathon Minutes, a series of 60-second videos, offering practical marathon training advice. Addressing common questions, these videos provide valuable tips for runners of all levels, making marathon preparation straightforward and accessible. 

Whether you're running your first marathon or simply in need of a re-fresh of the best training advice, the Marathon Minutes series has got your back.

Tackling the Marathon Long Run | Tips, Pace and Progression

Your long run is an essential player in your marathon training schedule. But how long is a long run? What pace should you run your long run? And what does long run progression look like?

The team from Snappy Runners explain what a long run is, as well as tips and advice for marathon long run beginners.

You can see suggestions for building up your long runs progressively - plus more marathon session ideas - in our training plans here. 

What is a Tempo Run? | How Tempo Workouts Benefit Marathon Training

In this video, our friends at Manchester Frontrunners define what a tempo run is, including at what pace you should run your tempo runs and why tempo runs can benefit your marathon training.

Once you understand the meaning of a tempo run, you can use an online tempo pace calculator to work out your pace – or go by feel of a 7-8 out of 10 on the effort scale.

Over the coming weeks, we will be releasing valuable 60 second marathon training tips and advice for you as you head toward your epic 26.2 mile challenge.

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  • What is a Tempo Run? | How Tempo Workouts Benefit Marathon Training
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