Begin your sustainable running habit – 5 top tips

As Ailuna has partnered with the Therme Manchester Marathon as our Official Sustainability Partner, they’ve put together these tips to help you on your way to becoming a sustainable runner.

Ailuna is a sustainability habit app built upon behavioural science principles, allowing you to set green goals, embrace the lifestyle changes needed to achieve those goals, and most importantly you can track the positive impact you’re having on the planet.

Running might not be the first thing that comes to mind when deciding what area of your life you’re focusing on making sustainable. But actually, adopting a sustainable running habit is one of the areas where the changes you can make are easy to implement, easy to keep up, and still make a huge difference to the planet. We promise there will be no sacrifice of actual running…

  1. Caring for your running clothes in a green way

As tempting as it might be to throw all your gear in the washing machine as soon as you get back from a run, first think whether washing after every single run is necessary. Gloves and hats don’t generally need washing more than once a week unless they’re particularly grubby. Your other clothes might just need to be hung out to air for a few hours, so you can avoid washing them, thus saving water and energy.

  1. Recycling and donating your old running clothes

Check out ReRun Clothing, an organisation whose mission is to save old running clothes from going to landfill. They have a variety of initiatives, including collecting and reselling old running clothes via their website.

Most charity shops will be delighted to receive old running clothes (in good condition) as well as old race t-shirts that are just hanging around in a drawer.

At the start line of the Therme Manchester Marathon you’ll be able to discard your unwanted warm clothing in the bins provided. Our incredible charity volunteers will then collect this clothing to sell in their shops meaning your prized running jumper will be put towards raising £1,000’s for good causes.

You may want to keep hold of your old race t-shirts, so consider using a service like Too Many T-Shirts. They create memory blankets out of old t-shirts – a great memento of all your running achievements!

  1. Consider a clothes swap

If you’re part of a local running community, why not organise a clothes swap? Everybody brings along items they no longer need and swaps them for items they do need. Then anything left at the end of the swap is donated to charity.

  1. Say no to the t-shirt if possible

If you can, say no to the finisher t-shirt at the point of registration. Although we understand how rewarding it is to have a t-shirt that celebrates your race completion, many of these t-shirts are produced using plastic-based materials en masse. If you say no to it after it’s already been produced, it’ll go straight into landfill anyway so the point of registration is the place to start.

Therme Manchester Marathon now have their Green Runner category where you can opt out of receiving a finisher t-shirt and/or medal at the end of the race. This is completely optional as we understand that many people like to keep their t-shirt and medal as a memento, but for those who don’t feel they will use them, they have the option to opt out knowing the money saved will be donated to The Ocean Cleanup to support their mission to rid the world’s oceans of plastic.

  1. Think about your travel to and from the venue

Don’t just think about the race, think about how you can make your running habit sustainable outside of the running! Car sharing, shuttle buses, walking, and utilising the car-share options of the likes of Uber/Bolt are all ways you can travel to the venue without using your own car.

Be sure to check the event website for details on road closures and public transport access to the event, ahead of event day.

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