Preparing for your weekly long run involves more than charging up your sports watch and scavenging for energy gels.

A central part of those extended mileage runs is nutrition which begins on the days before your weekly long run even begins, by supplying your body with a mixture of fast and slow-release carbohydrate sources. However, another important part of that is getting the morning of the long run fuelling correct. In other words: breakfast.

To make sure you put the right fuel in the tank the morning of your long run, we spoke to accredited nutritionist and endurance athlete Dr Kelsie Johnson, who works for Total Endurance Nutrition.

Kelsie clocked a speedy time at the adidas Manchester Marathon 2023.

“It is crucial that we replenish our energy stores in the morning as we use our carbohydrate stores (glycogen) overnight to support body processes.

My personal go-to long run breakfast is porridge oats – packed with lots of carbohydrates to fuel me for the session”.

Kelsie gave us her top 3 breakfast options to keep you going on those high mileage days. You can also find our own recommended recipes below Kelsie’s tips, to bring these tasty dishes to life yourself.

OPTION 1: Porridge oats with your choice of toppings

“Oats are packed with carbohydrates and allow for a slower release of energy from this source. They’ll keep you going on your long runs and they’re really versatile.

I like to top my oats with a large banana and honey for flavour, but there are so many other options out there”.

Why not try…

Cinnamon porridge with baked banana

Blueberry and coconut porridge

Raspberry and nut butter porridge

OPTION 2: Bagel with peanut butter and a banana

“Bagels are packed full of carbohydrates and are easy to digest, so they’re great for those long runs when you’re running slightly behind on time.

There are also loads of tasty options in terms of toppings: such as peanut butter or jam and a sliced banana”.

Why not try… 

Healthy homemade bagels
Homemade jam recipes

Dr Kelsie has 7 years of experience in nutrition and physiology research and is a university lecturer.

OPTION 3: Granola with yoghurt

“Granola is delicious and is essentially baked oats, which makes it a good pre-long run fuelling source.

You can make your own granola at home, but if shop-bought, look for whole rolled oats on the label. Top your granola with Greek yoghurt and sweeteners like honey or maple syrup as desired”.

Why not try…

Homemade granola with seeds and berries

Breakfast banana split


Thank you Kelsie for your breakfast tips and see you at the event!