Fast & Furious: Race Across The World star Emon Choudhury runs the Therme Manchester Marathon fasted during Ramadan

Emon might be a familiar face to you. In 2021, Emon and his nephew took part in the popular BBC TV series Race Across the World, this time in South America, and were crowned the winners of the show.

Following his epic adventure, Emon, from Bedford, decided to turn his hand to the next challenge – taking on a series of endurance challenges in order to raise money for the charity Orphans in Need, a charity which builds schools in Nepal for disadvantaged children.

Combining his love for running with his love for his religion, Emon challenged himself to run the Therme Manchester Marathon during the month of Ramadan – a month long religious occasion whereby Muslims refrain from food and drink during daylight hours. Thus meaning that Emon was to take on no drop of water or food before, during or after the race!


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Emon was inspired by his father who also used to run marathons for charity, with proceeds going towards the building of an orphanage in Bangladesh. When his father passed away last year, Emon decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and take on a similar challenge.

To ensure his safety, he ensured he followed strict advice from health experts and an intense training routine. Starting his training in January, Emon would ensure he took in no food or water in the lead up, and during, his training runs.


Emon completed the Therme Manchester Marathon in an incredible time of 5 hours 26 minutes. He run the entire 26.2 mile route while fasting, and without taking on any food or water during the run itself. To date, Emon has raised £31,000 and will continue to take on endurance challenges to reach his fundraising goal of £100,000.

Emon took to Instagram to post about completing the marathon. He posted: “So that’s a wrap. I have finished my epic Manchester Marathon today, finished it 5.26 hours.

“Not my fastest but I wasn’t concerned about the time, I managed to complete the challenge whilst keeping my fast all day as it’s Ramadan, no food or water before during or after race.”


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