1st April 2024

With the arrival of April, we’re excited to share a saucy secret that we’ve been keeping quiet… something no other marathon has done before, and rightly so as it’s something only an event in the North could pull off.

We are delighted to spill the news that we will have two designated ‘Gravy Stations’ on the course, as both a delicious treat and a nod to the famously Northern condiment.

Our volunteers (who will be your ‘Aunt Bessie’s’ on the day) will be pouring out the good stuff at mile 15 and 22 on the course – a comforting hug for your tastebuds in the second half of the challenge. Make sure you don’t miss the gravy boat and look out for these stations which are clearly marked!

There will also be two flavours of gravy available: standard beef or a vegetable options with carrots which is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Please do use the recycling bins provided once you’ve finished your gravy treat.