Guide for runners travelling north released

With 32,000 runners expected to take part, making it the second largest marathon in the UK, organisers have released seven top tips for those venturing north for the first time to take on the flattest major marathon in the country.

1. Strangers will talk to you – Don’t panic

Yes, it’s a thing. Unlike the London Underground, or many buses south of Birmingham, people are actually happy to make eye contact and strike up a conversation. It’s not weird, we’re just nice.
Practice in the mirror a few times to make sure you’ve got this down. Don’t make the error of believing that just because somebody is talking to you, they fancy you though. This could lead to some awkward situations.

2. The weather doesn’t bother us

The weather is likely to be sound (see below) on marathon day, but even if it isn’t, it won’t bother us. Mancunians are out in all weathers, mostly in shorts, and really don’t see the point of hibernating indoors when they could be out and about meeting friends and new folk. Do pack your waterproofs just in case because, you know, it is Manchester.

3. Learn the lingo

Get familiar with the Mancunian diction, so you can
a) understand
b) join in the conversation
Learning the native tongue will always put you in the good books, a sure fire way to get more than a smile and wave in passing.
Here are some of our favourites:

Salfords = Socks
Keks = Trousers
Mint = Great
Mingin’ = Unpleasant
Sound = Generic term of praise

Have a practice, and you’ll soon be speaking like a true Manc.

4. Getting around

Whilst trams and buses could take a little longer than you’re used to, they drive on the same side of the road, and are everywhere. But here in Manchester you wouldn’t know about it anyways. You’ll be busy chatting away to your neighbour in the queue. By the time the next tram or bus arrives you’ll be sad to see them go, but not before you’ve connected on social media.

5. Everything with gravy

You will have a fabulous culinary experience dining out in Manchester, with a huge range of restaurants catering for every possible taste. One thing that sets us apart from other cities is we love gravy. Especially with chips. This is one Mancunian treat that’s not to be missed, possibly as a celebratory meal after your marathon triumph.

6. You’ll enjoy a fab shopping experience

Yep, if you think you’ve seen it all, visiting Manchester will be a real eye opener.  It’s the same currency as London, but way more shops and probably cheaper, so you can go home with more bargains than you ever thought possible. Plus if you go for a pint after, you might even get change from a fiver.

7. We’re passionate about sport, especially the marathon

Northern football teams are leaving the opposition in their wake, we have the most successful and charismatic athletes, and we’re not put off by a challenge.

The adidas Manchester Marathon is iconic in its own right, starting from right by Manchester United’s Old Trafford football ground, and finishing at Lancashire Cricket Club. Its rich history, incredible atmosphere and esteemed reputation making it a respected event around the UK and Europe.