Mancunian Artist Venessa Scott to Create Unique Live Painting at Upcoming adidas Manchester Marathon

We’ve got exciting news!

Celebrated artist Venessa Scott will be creating an inspiring and exciting art piece live at the upcoming adidas Manchester Marathon on April 16th, 2023.

Venessa Scott is a much-loved artist and expert in Creative Education, recognised for her significant contributions to the arts and cultural sector 

in Northern England. She has an impressive portfolio of delivering creative projects, workshops, and interventions to diverse audiences, commissioned by notable cultural, corporate, and community organisations across the North West and Yorkshire.

The rich array of Venessa’s works are known for their use of vibrant colours and bold patterns – qualities which uplift viewers and start conversations. One of Venessa’s notable accomplishments was designing and painting one of the UK’s tallest murals, which reflects the principle of unity and connects to the pioneering work of Sylvia Pankhurst. 

In 2019, Venessa was appointed as an official ambassador for The Pankhurst Centre and received recognition as a ‘Great Mancunian’ for her significant cultural and creative impact on Manchester and its surrounding areas. 

Venessa can also be seen on the popular CBBC series, Colours, where she helps children discover and explore colour through art. With this impressive experience behind her already, Venessa is an exciting name in the art industry whose work has an undoubtedly exciting future!

The adidas Manchester Marathon is the perfect stage for Venessa to showcase her skills, and her live painting will be a highlight of the event. As the runners make their way through the course, Venessa will capture the excitement and energy of the marathon in her painting, creating a truly unforgettable piece of art.

Venessa said: “I am incredibly excited to be creating a mural artwork for the Manchester Marathon. Running a marathon is such a personal feat of skill, perseverance, and determination and I completely relate to each of those traits.

“The piece I create will be painted live on the day of the marathon and is directly inspired by the amazing participants. I cannot wait to be surrounded by the energy of the day and aim for the piece to capture the joy, community and sense of achievement that comes from taking part in such an amazing personal challenge.”

The adidas Manchester Marathon is one of the most prestigious events in the UK running calendar, with thousands of runners taking part each year. This year’s event promises to be even more exciting than ever, with Venessa’s live painting adding an extra dimension to the already exhilarating atmosphere. 

We can’t wait to have you Venessa, and see your incredible work in action!