Pardip’s attempt to break a World Record

** UPDATE – Post Therme Manchester Marathon**

I was extremely excited to start the day, ready to smash through this Guinness World Record, but it wasn’t meant to be… unfortunately I started suffering from blisters on my left foot as early on as 3 miles.

I told the 03.45.00 Pacer and he encouraged me to try not thinking about it, but with every step I took from then onwards I felt the pain of my blister. I got to 13 miles with the pacers, but I started struggling and had to leave them. I continued on my own for a bit until mile 17 when I noticed another runner by the name of Jake who looked like he was really struggling so I decided to help him all the way to the finish. In my heart I knew I will not be able to achieve the Guinness World Record,  so made a decision to help Jake achieve his first ever marathon.

I have learnt my lesson that I should trial run with outfits as I wore the ninja shoes for the first day that day (they were a brand new pair). I had been afraid of wearing out the rubber sole if I trained in them, so was confident enough I should be okay on the day, but it was the parting on the inside of the shoes that rubbed in between my toes.

However to see the smile across Jake’s face as he crossed the finish line was awesome, knowing he had just completed the Manchester Marathon, his first ever marathon. He even found the energy to sprint to the finish line. I was so confident of achieving my 3rd Record title at my 3rd Manchester Marathon that I felt heart broken, but the amazing Manchester Crowds kept wishing me well which in turn made me continue to finish even if was my slowest time of 05.18.25.


A number of our runners have been in touch to let us know their inspiring stories behind running the 2022 Therme Manchester Marathon, and we were eager to share some of these with you. First up, we speak to Pardip Minhas, a 53 year old from London, who is hoping to break a Guinness World Record in Manchester….

  1. Firstly, tell us more about you!

I’m Pardip Singh Minhas, aged 53, from Hayes in West London. I am a full-time house husband as my wife works full-time as a carer in palliative care, so I spend my days looking after my two young sons Harry & Gary.

  1. When did you first start running and what motivated you to get into it?

When I was in high school I loved taking part in athletics, especially the cross country races, but I could never quite get my speed right! I used to start off so fast that I would burn out by half way and the rest of my classmates would then run past me waving goodbye and I’d finish last.

As time went on I knew I loved running but I just had to master the art of not running too fast at the start and to pace each km/mile. I became a member of the Ealing Eagles Running Club and it’s truly been a great experience. Joining a running club has taught me so much over the years, and I am now able to perfect my pacing in my races so that I start at a comfortable pace and not get too excited!

I also run for the baby-loss charity Tommys, and that also helps to keep me motivated when running in events.

  1. We heard you are rather well known for your GWR attempts… how many records have you broken now?

In total I’ve achieved 10 Guinness World Records.

  1. What is the inspiration behind becoming a ninja for Therme Manchester Marathon?

The inspiration behind me running the Therme Manchester Marathon as a ninja has come from both of my sons who do Trenic Taekwondo Martial Arts. I am in awe of the training and discipline that goes into achieving each belt, and whilst I certainly couldn’t look to emulate their martial arts abilities, I am going to channel their discipline into my training to achieve my next Guinness World Record.

  1. What is the current record for running a marathon as a ninja, and what time are you aiming for?

The current record for running a marathon as a ninja is 03.55.29. I have decided to aim for the time of 03.40.00, as this is going to be my first marathon post-injury (before the New Year I was recovering from a knee injury), which should be achievable for me as long as I train hard and avoid any further injuries!

I will be wearing the original Ninja Tabi Boots which have a very slim rubber sole, but luckily the course at Manchester Marathon is a fast and flat road route so it is a good course for me to run without the additional worry of off-road terrain.

  1. How do you go about training? Do you go out running in your outfit as practice?

I don’t actually train in my outfit! Usually when preparing for a new attempt at a record I wear extra layers of clothing or a weighted vest, as well as normal running shoes.

The last time I wore the ninja suit is when I put it on for the first time a week before the first lockdown, at a local half marathon which was able to go ahead before the lockdown occurred. I broke the Guinness World Record for fastest half marathon dressed as a ninja in a time of 01:54:03.

  1. What are you most looking forward to at Therme Manchester Marathon?

 I’m looking forward to seeing the amazing Manchester crowds who definitely come out in style to support all who run. As a runner, it’s the supporters who give me that extra push and every time I’ve run in Manchester it’s been absolutely epic.

Pardip will be one of the thousands of inspiring runners taking place in Manchester Marathon. If you see him on route, give him a wave!