We are excited to unveil the 2024 finisher’s t-shirt, crafted by the talented Mancunian cityscape artist, Meha Hindocha.

Renowned for her captivating hand illustrated cityscape creations, Meha draws inspiration from everyday interactions and emotions. When approached to design this particular tee, Meha expressed her desire to craft a piece that not only celebrates the 26.2 mile achievement but also serves as a lasting memento of the event.

To ensure the design captured the essence of the marathon, Meha engaged with past participants, explored the prominent buildings along the route, and delved into what participants cherished most about the experience.

Manchester Marathon finisher tee design featuring buildings in Greater Manchester, supporters, trams, city skyline and more.

The final design showcases the architectural landmarks along the route, as well as incorporating significant buildings from the surrounding areas. It features enthusiastic supporters with their signs, our beloved mascot, Manny the Bee, and even includes the iconic tram that many participants take to reach the event. The design reveals new details with every view, making it a truly engaging and memorable representation of the marathon.

These are 50% recycled Eco Roly Technical Tees. For the avoidance of doubt, these are not adidas t-shirts, but are great quality, and will sport the Manchester Marathon logo (and the fact you have completed the 2024 event) as part of the design.