You Heard It From Them: 7 adidas Manchester Marathon Testimonials

The adidas Manchester Marathon is officially a big deal. Over recent years, we’ve become the second biggest marathon in the UK (not to mention fourth in Europe), with over 100,000 spectators and an expected 30,000 (!) participants expected to take on the challenge next year.

However, we don’t believe that numbers speak for themselves. We received hundreds, if not thousands, of comments in our inboxes which were brimming with praise following the 2023 event in April. We don’t like to toot our own horn (ok, sometimes we do…) but we wanted to share some of these adidas Manchester Marathon ‘testimonials’ with everyone our event has touched. Who knows, maybe next year it will be you praising us to the rafters!

1. “The Manchester Marathon will always hold a special place in my heart, as it was here I found my love for the marathon distance. The atmosphere was buzzing, with fantastic crowd support, and I never felt alone. There were also plenty of water and fuelling stations – more than any other marathon I have done. The icing on the cake was securing secured my first London Marathon Championship time here in 2021, so it’s a quick course with real PB potential”. Sara @saras_next_marathon

2. “Manchester was my first Marathon and a race I’ll never forget! Everything from the starting area organisation, the volunteers, the music on the course, not forgetting the incredible crowds, was absolutely amazing! The feeling of running around my home city, cheered on by thousands was unbelievable and the finish line is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. It’s so good that I’ve ran the last three years and I’m already in training for 2024. I can’t wait to run this incredible race again!” Adam @not_bad_for_a_fat_dad


3. “I have run Manchester Marathon twice now and can’t get enough of it. The atmosphere is electric: I had people running with me to tell me how much they loved the costume. Affordable race, amazing city, well organised, and draws runners from all over the UK… You can’t beat it. I’ll be back.” Freya @_humandiscoball

4. “Manchester Marathon… what can I say?! I ran my first ever marathon at the event and have run the course a total of seven times. In my first year, I remember turning that final corner to see the finish line at Old Trafford, crowds ten deep either side of the road, and feeling the biggest sense of pride and personal achievement. The atmosphere in the air was amazing. I realised that there was a shared feeling; it was with runners from across the world, running their own race for their own reasons but still supporting one another. It was a sense of camaraderie, of true human spirit, and it was phenomenal. Also, the crowds! Streets lined with strangers shouting your name and cheering you on. Pushing you to the end. It truly is amazing. That’s why I’ve been back year on year and have run seven Manchester Marathons. For me it’s my favourite and it’s the best road marathon in the country”. Shaun @geordie_shaun_runs

5. “If you were thinking about doing it… then do it. The Manchester Marathon has an energy and support like no other. You are capable of doing whatever you set your mind to do and when I forgot my strength – MANCHESTER helped me remember. Take the plunge. Go for it and never look back”. Louise @louloudelaney

6. “The whole logistics of the event were so well organised: from the start line to that amazing finishing stretch. The support and ‘vibe’ over the day was brilliant; I really liked the route and the entertainment along the way was uplifting (not to mention the plentiful number of water stations which make a BIG difference). However, the best part of the event was running through the neighbourhoods… everyone was cheering from their homes and shops (shout out to the Indian bhangra music and the pub goers cheering us on!) There were also nice shady parts with trees along the route, and these beautiful sections really helped me out when I was struggling. To top it off, seeing my friends and family at mile 18, 20 & at the end was perfect.” Prabina @prabinatalary

7. “The Manchester Marathon marked my first marathon, and I was deeply touched by the incredible sense of community in Manchester. The support from the Mancunians along the route was heartening, and their cheers (and jelly babies) motivated me when my legs needed it the most.” Diogo @_run_daddy_run