Elite Entries

The details below relate to the 2020 Manchester Marathon. Details for the 2021 event will be revealed in due course.

Elite Entry

To qualify for Elite Entry into the Manchester Marathon 2020, you will need to have achieved:

Male: Under 2:30 (marathon) or 1:09 (half marathon) in the last two years

Female: Under 2:50 (marathon) or 1:19 (half marathon) in the last two years

For all Elite entry enquires please get in touch with us on info@manchestermarathon.co.uk


The Manchester Marathon would like to invite elite runners to take part free of charge. We would like to hear from runners who have achieved the following times in 2018/19, evidence will be required to gain free entry:

2018/19 Half Marathon under 1:09:00 for men & 1:19:00 for women

2018/19 Marathon time under 2:30:00 for men & under 2:50:00 for women

Please email us here to enquire about gaining your elite entry place.

The course has been officially measured and has the potential for some huge personal best times.


If you are interested in competing in the Manchester Marathon 2021 Wheelchair Race please contact  info@manchestermarathon.co.uk.

The Manchester Marathon 2021 has certain regulations on athletes participating in day chairs and racing wheelchairs to ensure the health and safety of all event participants.

  • Elite wheelchair athletes who are competing for prize money MUST participate in Racing Wheelchairs and will start at the very front of the race.
  • Participants in Standard Day Wheelchairs will start at the front of their allocated wave. They will access this position via the ‘Disabled Accessibility Area’ which is located at the side of the start pens. There will be dedicated accessibility volunteers from Activity Alliance to assist you.

The below table showcases the structure of Prize Money for Wheelchair Athletes at the Manchester Marathon. Please note – Only Wheelchair Athletes competing in a ‘Racing Wheelchair’ are eligible for the prize money on offer.

Position    Men        Women
1st              £1,000    £1,000
2nd            £500       £500
3rd             £350       £350

Wheelchair Marathon Prize Money Regulations

  • Elite finish times are based on race ‘Gun Time’ not on the athlete’s chip time.
  • The Top 3 finishers of both genders will be presented with a trophy on event day at the prize giving ceremony.
  • The winners and runners up of each gender will be given the cash prize (stipulated above) if 3-5 male or 3-5 female athletes participate in the marathon.
  • The full prize money (1st, 2nd, and 3rd cash prizes for that gender) will be offered if 6+ Male or 6+ Female athletes participate in the marathon.


Prizes for elites will be awarded on gun time. All other prizes will be awarded on chip time.

The presentations for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places will take place in the Hangout.

Prizes are as follows for both male and female (top 5 placed runners will not be awarded age group prizes as well):

1st Prize £2000 cash
2nd Prize £1000 cash
3rd Prize £750 cash
4th Prize £300 cash
5th Prize £200 cash


Wheelchair Athletes

Prizes are as follows for both male and female:

1st Prize £1,000 cash
2nd Prize £500 cash
3rd Prize £375 cash


To encourage the best talent to run at the Manchester Marathon, we are offering time bonuses. With such a fast course, we would love to see these bonuses claimed.

Men Women
sub 2:20 sub 2:38 500 for all who achieve
sub 2:15 sub 2:32 3000 only one bonus per gender
sub 2:10 sub 2:26 5000 only one bonus per gender


A team prize will be awarded to the top 3 male and female teams made up of the top 3 runners’ cumulative times from a UKA affiliated club. Runners must have stated their club affiliation on the entry form before the race (retrospective nominations will not be accepted) and the runners’ membership status will be checked with the club secretary before prizes are sent out.

Prizes will be awarded as follows for both male and female teams:
1st team – £600 per team
2nd team – £300 per team
3rd team – £150 per team

Please email us to enquire about gaining your elite entry place.


Results will be posted on www.ManchesterMarathon.co.uk within 24 hours of the end of the event.