You’ve done it: after months of training and preparation, you’ve completed the monumental challenge that is the marathon. Congratulations! 

So, now what? From the remainder of event day to the week, here’s what we recommend doing to recover well and keep riding that marathon high.

Check out our tips below!


It may be the last thing your body wants to do, but it is important to keep moving after you come over the finish line. After a  (likely very slow) walk to collect your medal and other goodies, have a little stretch and stay on your feet as much as you can. By continuing to keep active, you can help prevent stiffness and swelling by improving circulation.

Similarly, in the days after you finish the event, do gentle activities such as walking, gentle yoga and stretching often. You can also use a foam roller or get a massage to ease muscle tension. Trust us, the more you move, the more your body will thank you!


Replenish those fluids as soon as possible after the event and in the days following. Along with water, sports drinks are good for replacing electrolytes in the hours after finishing. This can prevent muscle cramps.

Also, be aware that it’s actually common to feel sick after running a marathon as your body releases stress hormones and is in a state of shock. Make sure to still hydrate, but slowly and with small sips.

Manchester Marathon 2023


Similarly, your body needs nutrients to repair itself after the physical stress of a marathon. Within 30 minutes of finishing the race, eat a high-carbohydrate, high-protein snack or meal to refuel your body. Ideally, you would have planned your first re-fuel and taken the food with you in your bag. Bananas, bars and peanut butter are all great options.


Regardless of whether you met your specific event goals or not, you’ll likely regret not celebrating the achievement of completing a marathon (a huge achievement in itself!) 

Head out into the city for some great food and drink – you can check out our Spectator Guide for some great spots to repatriate with friends and family.

Finally, make sure to share your marathon moment far and wide by using the the hashtag #ManchesterMarathon on socials – we love seeing and hearing about your experience!



With any luck, you’ll have enjoyed the experience of working towards the incredible goal of running a marathon.

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