Join a Club!

Running doesn’t have to stop after your marathon. Although some well-needed rest is in order after you complete 26.2 miles (it takes the body about one month to recovery from a marathon), why not keep the momentum going and make running a long-term hobby by joining a friendly club?

Joining a running club can be life changing. You can make friends and socialise after a busy day; challenge yourself and get fitter through structured sessions; and hear about great new events to sign up to (or better yet, enter a relay with your new club members!)

Taking the ‘plunge’ and joining a running club doesn’t have to be daunting. Although many believe that running club members are competitive and the sessions are hard, this isn’t necessarily the case; many clubs are very friendly and welcoming, and their sessions accommodate to all abilities.

So, we reached out to running clubs in and around Manchester to see which ones are after new members, just like you! Check out their details on our brand new page here.