Manchester Marathon 2019 – A poem

The below poem was sent to us by Lisa Pedder, who took part in the 2019 ASICS Manchester Marathon…

On Sunday 7th April 2019 
An inspiring sight could be seen
Runners waiting for the ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon 
All the waiting and build up now gone 

Last minute toilet stops and then
Off to your own starting pen
Each wave moves to their own group start
Nervously waiting with pounding heart 

Each group getting their own coloured smoke 
Crossing the line trying not to choke 
For the Manchester Marathon we started to play 
Starting under the arch on Bridgewater way

Mile 1 occurred on the Chester road 
With mile 2 taking on Seymour Grove
Mile 3 looped back near the beginning 
Feeling “I’ve got this, yes I’m winning”

The crowd supporting along the way
“You’ve got this” you’d hear them say 
Mile 4 took in Gorse Hill 
Mentally you’ve got this still 

Mile 5 under the M60 motorway 
Eek it’s the marathon I’m doing today
Mile 6 headed into Sale 
“I’ve got this I’m not going to fail”

Artful voices outside the town hall
Singing to lift the spirits of all 
Mile 7 on the Temple Road 
Settled well into Marathon mode

Mile 8 and a road named Marshland
Can’t believe I’m still feeling grand 
Mile 9 and into Brooklands we go 
Pacing well neither too fast or too slow

The Brook DJ banging out songs 
Helped runners forget the road so long 
Mile 10 heads into Timperley
I see runners loop in front of me 

Mile 11 heads in Altricham 
I’ve still got this yes mam
Mile 12 takes us through town 
Lovely crowd support no time to frown

This mile saw the music place
Creating smiles on many a face 
Little belters singing is on our way 
The loose change buskers also having a play 

Aura music entertained too
No time for runners to feel blue 
Mile 13 will the halfway point met
“I’m doing this no need to fret”

The rock choir provided a halfway treat
Making you forget the time on your feet 
Mile 14 and off to Timperley
“Yes I actually believe in me”

Mile 15 onto Port Road 
Remembering to hydrate and gel load
Mile 16 into Brooklands 
“I think I’m actually getting a tan!”

DJ Gary Damer dressed like Spider-Man 
Telling each runner that they can
Mile 17 takes us to Sale West 
It’s not yet time for a rest 

Spurred on by the Salvation Army 
Never judging or thinking we’re barmy
Mile 18 loops into Ashton upon Mesey
I do believe I need a wee!

Mile 19 onto Manor Avenue
Runners a plenty in view
Mile 20 turns in Carrington Lane 
When the mind decides to play a game!

It’s now heading into uncharted territory 
You can’t go there its the enemy 
“LISTEN mind I have a marathon to do’

Mile 21 up the Flixton Road
Wow my legs are still in running mode 
Into the Village for mile 22
Come on mind and get me through 

The Lymm pop choir provide an uplifting song
To help carry me along 
Mile 23 into Urmston
Actually I still feel strong

A song provided by Manchester Glee 
Wish they could have run with me
Stretford for mile 24 
After this only 2 more 

“Can I maintain at this pace?”
This being my first marathon race
Mile 25 seemed the longest by far
“You will complete this, yes you are”

Your on Kingsway heading back to Chester road 
let the crowd cheering carry the load
Gorse Hill onto Talbot road the home straight 
The crowd were just beyond “great”

Started off my own high 5 Tsunami 
Was both awe inspiring and really barmy
There it is the finish line
OMG the finish time 

Overwhelmed and start to blah
Can’t believe I’ve run so far
Manchester Marathon you’ve done me proud 
I’m a marathoner I shout out LOUD