Special Ukraine Bib to Support Disaster Emergency Committee

Like us, you’ve likely been deeply upset by the invasion of Ukraine and the humanitarian crisis.

We would like to use this year’s Therme Manchester Marathon to help support over a million people who have fled their homes in the conflict in Ukraine, and need emergency support such as food, water and healthcare.

We’d like to ask you to join us in doing something simple but effective today to help. We are creating a special edition, additional bib to be worn on runners backs on Sunday 3rd April showing the flag of Ukraine. For a donation of £10 or more one of these will be sent to you directly ahead of your marathon. A small postage charge of £1 is also added to ensure all your donation goes to those who need it via the Disaster Emergency Committee Ukraine Appeal*.

If you order ASAP it will help us order the correct amount. Thank you.


The UK Government will match donations from the public pound-for-pound up to £20 million for the funds raised by the Disaster Emergency Committee Ukraine Appeal, meaning your support will go even further.

*Donation is subject to transaction charges of platform and payment system.

In addition to the above we were due to be joined by one runner on Sunday 3rd April who lives in Kiev. We have contacted them and arranged a full refund. We hope to welcome them to the 2023 event as our guest.