Support one of our Official Charities at the adidas Manchester Marathon this year and achieve something extra special!

Training for a marathon is something remarkable in it’s own right. However, putting all those miles in while knowing that every step you take supports a worthy cause, makes that achievement just that bit more special.

Not only that, you’ll also receive perks such as discounted entry to make your marathon experience amazing.

Why they need our help?

A quote from one of our Official Charity Runners:

“My loving father sadly passed away from Alzheimer’s disease. After some careful thinking, I wanted to do something in dad’s memory and most importantly raise awareness and funds for any individual or family going through this too. This will be the first of hopefully many races for a special cause. Let’s do this!” – 2022 Alzheimer’s Society Runner

Your help and support can have a huge impact on many peoples’ lives. Long-term illnesses and disabilities along with the soaring cost of living are seriously challenging thousands of people – and that’s just in the UK. Set yourself a goal for 2023 and sign up to run the adidas Manchester Marathon in support of one of our Official Charity Partners. You’ll get a reduced price entry and lots of advice and goodies to support you along the way.

Who are our 2023 adidas Manchester Marathon Official Charity Partners?

Our four Official Charity Partners are:

  • Sense is a charity for everyone living with complex disabilities, most prominently those who are deafblind. With over 65 years of expertise in providing personalised support for people of all ages, Sense put disabled people and their loved ones at the heart of everything they do. Join their team here.

  • British Heart Foundation fund around £100 million of research each year into all heart and circulatory diseases: heart attacks that strike without warning, strokes that shatter futures, new born babies born with broken hearts. These are just some of the cruel diseases that your support will help to reduce. Join their team here.

  • Alzheimer’s Society are the UK’s leading dementia charity ensuring that people living with dementia today have the support they deserve and that they can look to a brighter future thanks to investment in research. Join their team here.

  • Cancer Research UK are the world’s leading independent cancer charity dedicated to saving lives with research, influence and information. Running for Cancer Research UK will help to achieve their goal of seeing 3 in 4 people surviving their diagnosis for 10 years or more by 2034. Join their team by registering for the event here and setting up a fundraising page in aid of Cancer Research UK for the adidas Manchester Marathon.