Below you can see the Start Times for the 2024 event. The colour of the running bib you receive in either the post or at Pack Collection will relate to your allocated start time. Start Times are allocated by the estimated finish time you entered when registering and match the colour on your numbered bib.

The process is simple: you will need to arrive at our Start Access Point on Talbot Road at the appropriate time and be ready and raring to go.


You can also find your start time by searching our start list, click the button below to view the start list

💻 On desktop - Use Ctrl or Cmd + F to search for your name.

📱On mobile - iPhone: Open the link, tap the 3 dots top right of the page and select 'Find on Page'. | Android: Tap More, then Find in page.

*Should you wish to run with somebody who has been allocated a different wave you can do so, but only by both of you joining the later of the two times.

**Relay team members are able to find their start time by searching for the relay team leader on the start list.

If your name and start time aren't on the list, don't worry, they will be added soon! (Last updated 15/03/24)

Note: Please wear a top you want to donate to charity to keep you warm - keep wearing this until the end of the start chute where you will see signs to show you where to donate it as you get close to the start gantry - please don’t drop it too early!

When your donated pre-loved items are sold in their stores or marketplaces, you help keep products in use for longer making more use of the energy and resources used to make them.