Take on the distance in a team of 2 or 4!

If 26.2 miles sounds a little too daunting, why not team up with friends, family or colleagues to cover the distance between you?

The Manchester Marathon Relays offers both two and four person relay options, with each person covering part of the course. Each member of the relay team will receive a chunky medal at the finish line.


Please note, the relay legs are not exact splits, but are similar in distance. For the 2020 event on Sunday 5th April the splits are as follows:

 4 – Leg

Runner A – Race Start Line to A56 Bridgewater Way Southside. 
Run split = approx 6.21 miles  (10km)

Runner B – A56 Bridgewater Way Southside to De Quincey Road.

Run split = approx 6.71 miles  (10.8km)

Runner C –  De Quincey Road to St John Divine Church.

Run split = approx 6.64 miles  (10.7km)

Runner D –  St John Divine Church to main finish line (Talbot Road)

Run split = approx 6.58 miles  (10.6km)


2 – Leg

Runner A – Race Start Line to De Quincey Road

Run split = approx 12.92  (20.8km)

Runner B – De Quincey Road to Finish line (Talbot Road)

Run split = approx 13.23 miles  (21.3km)