For many years, businesses / companies / organisations have increasingly noticed the beneficial impact of a healthy working environment for the welfare of their staff. This has led many to embrace the introduction of wellbeing program – and promoting healthy active lifestyle within the organisation. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to raise money for your company’s official charity or simply to have fun with colleagues.

What are the benefits of health and wellbeing programs?

Some of the key areas where employees have identified a benefit from health and wellbeing programs include:

  • improved morale
  • better team work and social networks
  • increased productivity
  • reduced absenteeism and staff turnover
  • higher job satisfaction
  • stronger engagement

At the Manchester Marathon we have two ways for companies to compete through the medium of sport.

Corporate Clash

Identifying the fastest corporate runner and the fastest corporate team of 3. Simply click Corporate Entry in the form and add your company name and you are entered.

Your Run

For companies that are looking to have over 10 entries in the event, we have the capability of organising your own run within the Manchester Marathon. Your company will even get their own branded up results page.

To find out more simply click on either option.