Heya, my name is Dee. I am a qualified Paediatric Nurse and Health Visitor. I am also currently studying Systemic Psychotherapy at Kings College, London. Very busy life!

I am a lover of good food and exciting cuisines. I could easily call my love for food one of my weaknesses but food is good for the soul though right? So maybe not a weakness after all.

I am married to an army personnel and we have an 11 year old son.

I love travelling and exploring other parts of the world and I count myself lucky to have the opportunity to do so due to my husband’s career which involves moving from time to time……yep! perks of being a military wife haha.

Being the only female amongst two strong boys (well they think so) I have no choice than to tag along and be adventurous. We love the outdoors hence we are constantly out and about either mountain climbing, hiking, cycling, taking long trail walks, attempting crabbing and fishing (usually with no luck but fun all the same).

Some time back, my parents and old school friends would have described me as the least fit as I had very little interest in fitness or any sporty activities growing up and through my early adult life. Now that’s a surprise, right? considering I have now signed up for a marathon!

People are usually intrigued to find out how my passion for running came about. Initially, I started the occasional run here and there with a few gym visits as I felt I had to have an activity in common with my hubby and son who are both fitness fanatics.

As I did this, I realised I was starting to enjoy it and started looking forward to every session. I was also excited about the added benefit of feeling much fitter too. My passion for running gradually emerged in 2018 and to be honest I have not looked back since. I can’t say it doesn’t come without challenges……sometimes the spirit is willing but the body is weak. It’s all in the mind though and I must say it is always well worth it in the end when I manage to overcome such hurdles.

I have completed four half marathons, four 10km runs, quite a number of virtual events (thanks to the pandemic), the Tough Runner and the Ultimate Para’s 10mile run, a race organised by the British Army Parachute Regiment. Phew…..tough race it was, but so glad I did it.

I love to live life to the fullest by taking it a day at a time. One of my mottos is to enjoy the moment…..why worry about tomorrow when it isn’t even here yet. That’s an attitude I apply to my running……one foot in front of the other until I get to my final destination or to the finish line.

Oh! one more thing, I nearly forgot to mention that I love to dance too. If it’s all about moving in sync with a rhythm then I can be rest assured that I do not have two left feet.


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