Mancunian Miles Challenge


This year we hope to get as many Mancunians as possible moving. To do this we have created Mancunian Miles. Our target is getting the people of Manchester walking an additional 24,901 miles during March; that’s the distance round the world.

What is Mancunian Miles?

Between Friday 6th and Tuesday 31st of March you will need to walk or run one extra mile that you wouldn’t already have and in total walk or run 26 miles. The same length as the Manchester Marathon on Sunday 5th April.

For something a bit shorter, you can opt to take part in the 13-day challenge starting Thursday 19th March. This involves walking or running an extra mile a day up until the 31st.

Why get involved?

Linking in with the great work continuing with the Active Soles campaign in Manchester (and beyond), we are keen to get as many Mancunians moving in the lead up to the 2020 Manchester Marathon as possible.

Walking is great alternative to taking the car or even the train or bus. The psychological and physiological benefits are enormous and can lead to an improved mood, greater motivation and of course improved health.

So, what now?

Well… firstly fill out the form below and let us know the distance you aim to walk or run, get yourself a good pair of trainers and start moving! Make sure to check back on this page regularly to see how far Manchester is walking. And who knows… together we could walk round the world!

Miles so far: 4,472
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Mancunian Miles