We’re so proud of every single participant who took on the adidas Manchester Marathon yesterday in what was our biggest event yet! From the elite waves to Mexican waves, everyone put in a stellar performance and truly gave it their all.

It was a tricky job, but we wanted to highlight just five of of our incredible participants, who you may have noticed out on the course yesterday.

From world records, eye-catching attire and supporting amazing causes, here is our round-up of stand-out participants at the adidas Manchester Marathon 2024.


28-year-old Yahya Pandor challenged himself to set a new world record at the event, as he attempted to claim the fastest time of a blind participant unassisted by a guide runner.

Yahya, who lost his sight during lockdown, finished the event in 04:22:23 as the first known blind marathon participant to complete the distance unassisted –  well done Yahya!

‘Today I’ve completed a world record, being the first person to complete a marathon untethered. I decided to take up this challenge to get motivated and get healthy and active, as a lot of blind and partially sighted people don’t exercise. With Manchester being such a great city, and with a flat course, this was a great place to complete the challenge. A massive thank you to the adidas Manchester Marathon, guide runners and everyone who’s helped me get to where I am today!”

Yahya set a new record at the event, and thanked the event, crowds and guide runners for all the support.


Construction worker Ben Brindley raised the roof at the event, as he completed the challenge pushing a wheelbarrow to raise money for charity.

Ben gave a final push (literally) over the finish line in a time of 03:31:54 and said the following about his experience:

“Running at the adidas Manchester Marathon with the barrow was so hard but also one of the most amazing experiences of my life. The support from the start all the way to the finish was so inspiring – crowds were shouting “come on Barrow Man!” and other participants were joking if they can ‘have a lift’, ha!
The final mile was so hard but the crowds carried me over the line and it brought me to tears by the end of it all. Thank you Manchester, I salute you!”.

Ben beat his target time for the event by nearly 15 minutes!


Christine Appleyard was granted the opportunity to push 10-year old daughter Evie – who has haploinsufficiency syndrome and epilepsy – across the finish line in her wheelchair. Evie’s dad also assisted in the emotional moment, which helped raise donations for the charities Evie – who has a short life expectancy – and her family are supported by.

Christine said the following after completing the challenge:

“Wow – the adidas Manchester Marathon was amazing! The support out there was incredible and really spurred me on especially when I was really struggling. Seeing my daughter Evie at mile 24 and then running with her for the last two miles was a feeling I will never forget and a memory I will hold onto forever. I was so emotional but also so proud to cross that finish line with my beautiful girl.”

Christine and her daughter Evie approaching the event finish line.


Rich Bidgood, Hugh Tibbs, Nick Wright, David Mills and James Bewley set a world record for the fastest marathon in a six-person costume in an astounding time of 2:57:31. Marcus Green said “under 3 was the aim so we’re absolutely ecstatic. It was tough at times but we all pulled through”.

‘Team Phil’ ran memory of Phil Rossall, who died last year after suffering from Motor Neurone Disease. They have raised over £8000 in their fundraising journey so far.

The team obliterated the previous fastest 6-person costume record of 4 hours 25 minutes.


Love Island star Kaz Crossley completed her first ever marathon after shaving her hair for a charity close to her heart.

“Since doing the marathon we have nearly raised the grand total to 20k! It the most surreal experience and thank you everyone who cheered for me! It really got me through it and made it an experience to remember. When I finished it I thought I would never do that again, but now I have recovered a bit I’m already thinking about going for Round 2!”

Well done Kaz, and see you back soon!

Kaz Crossley shaved her hair days before taking on the challenge.

Well done again to all of our participants, who accomplished something truly special in the city and Greater Manchester yesterday. Be proud, and hope to see you back at our 2025 event!