“They Tell Me ‘I’ve Been Looking Forward to your Call all Week'” | Mike’s Story on the Heartbreak of Dementia

adidas Manchester Marathon participant Mike knows how overwhelming life can be. As a Companion Calls volunteer for Alzheimer’s Society, he hears from patients and their carers about how stressful living with dementia can be.

“For me, it really hits home when a carer has other issues whether it be health or something else.

“I have also been told endless times on the phone “Thank you for calling” or “I have been looking forward to speaking to you all week. It can be heartbreaking, but you also know you are adding value and impacting people in a positive way”.

Alongside working a full-time job and his volunteering role, Mike is also training for his first marathon, the 2024 adidas Manchester Marathon. His target of fundraising £5,000 for Alzheimer’s Society this year is no small task, although he has currently raised an impressive £3,400.

“I am lucky to have a very motivated fiancé, who also runs and helps with fundraising, for example, through colleagues at the NHS. We like running together– except those very early runs when Yasmine enjoys all the cover for an extra hour!

Although I am quite new to running, I’m enjoying the endorphins it gives me as part of my morning routine”.

Mike is also running in honour of his Granny, who had suffered from dementia.

“Dementia is one of the cruellest illnesses.

My commitment will be to carry on my relationship with Alzheimer’s Society, through fundraising and volunteering long term, not just for a one-off event. It is something I want to remain close to, and it is important for me to know I am making a difference and helping, no matter how small part I may play.”

Alzheimer’s Society are constantly working to find breakthrough treatments and therapies for people living with dementia. Their bold ambition is wanting a world where dementia no longer devastates people’s lives.

When we asked Mike what he was most looking forward to on the day, he said the “atmosphere, excitement, and achievement”.

“Pushing myself where I have not been before, as I know I will need determination, resilience and a don’t quit attitude, but if I am honest that is my favourite part.”

We can’t wait to have you here in Manchester, Mike – keep up the amazing work and good luck!

To support Mike’s fundraising goals, visit his JustGiving page here.