Valentine’s Day: 6 Couples Give us the Low Down on Marathon Training with Their Partner

What makes someone’s heart beat more than exercise? Love, of course! In which case, these adidas Manchester Marathon 2024 participants tickers will be working overtime in April, as they take on the 26.2 mile challenge with their partners by their side.

But is training with your loved one all rosy-cheeks and #couplegoals?

These six fabulous couples tell us the truth about running with your partner…

1. Jeremy and Ailin

Jeremy and his children used to cycle alongside wife and mum Ailin as she ran. Now, Ailin has now inspired Jeremy to commit to running by taking on their first marathon together. They will also be celebrating their 20-year wedding anniversary at the event!

2. Tracey and Craig

Craig and Tracey are both experienced runners, although according to Tracey “I have been running longer and covered more distance than him – not that anyone’s counting!” After they met, Tracey introduced Craig to her ‘running family’ her club in Cambridgeshire.

3. Harriet and Chris

As parents of three young children, training can be a challenge for couple Harriet and Chris. However, with childcare sorted for the big day, Harriet and Chris are looking forward to the event, where they are also celebrating their ten-year wedding anniversary!

4. Andy and Lucy

Andy and Lucy are fundraising for Alzheimer’s society at the adidas Manchester Marathon 2024, after Andy’s dad passed away from the disease last year. We’re honoured that they’ve chosen to run their first marathon with us this year.

5. Gemma and Chris

Gemma and Chris took to running to – in Gemma’s words – “escape the chaos!” Running has even become a family activity, with children Penny (9) and Milo (7) getting involved too!

6. Manny and Chester

Lovebees Manny and Chester met at the Manchester Half and have been buzzing ever since. Their relationship is built on their mutual love for Manchester; unwavering support at the events; and perchance for a cheeky selfie with runners!


Heartstrings successfully pulled. Good luck to our couples – and anyone else training with their baes – in the lead up to the event!