We’re delighted to confirm that spectators will be able to get the estimated current locations, of all our runners on Sunday the 14th of April at the adidas Manchester Marathon.

How does this work?

Our timing points on the course will be placed at five locations (start, 10k, halfway, 30k and finish), and as a runner crosses this point their time will be instantly updated on the tracker. Between these points, the tracker will show a predicted location for each runner, based on their speed so far.

This should offer an excellent rough guide for when to look out for a friend or loved one on the course, or follow their progress at home.

After previous success, we are offering participants' friends and family members a nifty service that will send them a text message when they are nearing the finish section. This will give them notice that you are approaching the finale of your challenge, and to keep an eye on the finish line live stream so they can witness your epic achievement. Find out more here.

Click the button below to access the predictive tracking website on the event day:


*Please be advised that spectator space around the finish line is very congested. We recommend you avoid this area if possible, and you can reunite with runners outside Lancashire County Cricket Club.*